August 10, 2019

When redirecting customers to their country-site, can I have different content on the website


Hi, when redirecting customers to their country-site, can I have different content on the website. For example, before and after photos displayed only on the US version, but not on the UK?

Would i need a different page within the same website or a whole new shopify website and account?

by Geo Targetly

If you are using geo based redirection, then your websites can be setup with individual content because they are different websites or pages.

If you only have a single website or page and need to change content based on location, you can do this with our geo content service.

It really depends, if it is a Shopify store and you need to sell different products in different countries then its best to have separate Shopify accounts. This will let you setup separate currencies, prices, shipping etc. You can then redirect the visitor to the correct site based on their country.

If you don't need to change currency, prices and shipping for both countries, i.e. you are happy to sell the same product but only need to change photos and content, then you can use a single Shopify store and dynamically modify the content based on location.

Shopify, different content based on visitor location, country-site

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