August 20, 2019

When we send emails to these customers we want to redirect them not just to the correct site, but the correct page


Hi, I'm looking at geotargetly as a potential solution. We currently send out content emails to customers grouped by 3 locations (UK, US and Europe). When we send emails to these customers we want to redirect them not just to the correct site, but the correct page.

For example, say we created a piece of content about bowls, we would want a customer in France to be shown a pop-up that redirects them not just to the Europe site, but to the Europe site which contains the bowls content. If it helps we could keep the URL string the same after the domain name - e.g and

Is this something your site would offer?

If a user has previously selected 'US' as their location can we automatically redirect them to the US site of a specific URL. To give you an example of what we would want:

  • User previously selected US as their preferred location on a pop-up
  • User receives an email from us directing them to a page about bowls on our UK site (which would have your app installed)
  • User clicks the link and is automatically redirected to the page about bowls, but on the US site without being shown a pop-up

by Geo Targetly

This is definitely possible if you keep the same URL structure across sites.

Our geo redirect product has a built in popup tool that can dynamically modify the button URL based on the landing page URL.

It can basically read the page URL and redirect or show a popup with a button to another domain with the same page URL

Our Geo Redirect built in popups have the ability to 'remember' the visitor's previous selection and then auto redirect accordingly upon on a future visit to the site.

So yes the 3 bullet points you mentioned is definitely possible and the user will get redirected to the page about bowls without being shown the popup again.

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