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October 25, 2020

Any solution can cache vary for different group of country with cloudflare?


Cache vary for different group of country with cloudflare Geo  IP:

I am testing on staging migration from nginx to OLS. One of the issue I have  is my website need to show different currencies for 3 different group of  country namely VN, AU and rest of the world.

Under nginx, I have WP-Rocket and its extension Country Cache so plugin will  identify user’s country and map into the 3 groups with respective cache of  the same URL.

I’ve been trying to search Google but can not  find a solution as I am just a seasoned Wordpress user only. What I need  is
1. if an user come from Vietnam, the cache for Vietnamese will be  shown
2. if an user come from Australia, the cache for Aussie will be shown
3. if  user does not fall into the above, show the international version.

I am trying to use Cloudflare Geo IP that pass %{cf-ipcountry}. I was able  to do this under nginx fast CGI in combination with WP-rocket but being stuck  on Litespeed

Any advice would be appreciated.

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