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October 12, 2020

What's the suggested multi-site shop management solution for Wordpress store?


What's  the suggested multi-site shop management solution for Wordpress store?

I have customer who has clothes shops in multiple locations. The clothes vary from season to season. The products change quite often. I have been looking for a solution for handling all of these different shops(inventory,  sales, products, etc).

by Geo Targetly

You can run multiple shops on Wordpress for your clothes business selling to multiple locations serving different domains.

It gives you the best flexibility to control differences of currencies, prices, products, shipping costs, stock availability etc among different markets.

Among your multiple shops, our Geo Redirect product can detect your visitors' locations based on IPs and auto direct them to correct shops.

You can easily create redirect rules for visitors from different locations to specific URL pages. Each location can have an individual redirection URL.

The homepage of each of your shops could be set by geo redirection.  

Thus, regardless of which shop your visitors click on, they will be redirected to location-specific shop accordingly.

We support Wordpress stores and provides the JavaScript code for one-time integration.

For more details, please visit our product page:

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